Apple > L.O.D.M.I.U ?

Yeah. LODMIU. The time-ticking bane of any product. The greatest fear any Sales team has as time passes. Also, the reason why I cant eat more than 7 pizza slices at one go.

There is a cosmic force that links LODMIU with everything we use. For those of you inquisitive compulsive quizers or Scrabble addicts, who may have already “Googled”… Oh wait. my bad. Who may have already “Binged” what LODMIU is (you really should switch to Bing. Its pretty cool), you may have figured out by now that there is no such thing as LODMIU. Thats because, I just came up with it. ūüėõ

LODMIU, is actually an acronym I use for the “Law Of Diminishing Margin In Utility”. (coming up with the acronym would perhaps be my only contribution to the field of Economics)

To briefly give you an idea of what LODMIU is, we first need to understand what Utility of a product is. Utility is best defined as “the amount of satisfaction to be derived from a commodity or service at a particular time”. What is interesting to note is, that Utility of a commodity has nothing to do with its usefulness. Now the reason I’m spewing out theories of Economics on a Sunday morning is simple. I’m bored. So I had to make an observation.

As a developer, if I have to be good in my field, I have to have an open mind. So even though I may sound biased towards Microsoft products ( as my mother pointed out after reading my previous posts), I must point out here, that I do respect the innovations made by Apple. What I simply do not understand however, is the consumers¬†who don’t mind paying through their nose for a product they do not seem to understand.

I was comparing phones the other day with a colleague, and he happened to mention a very relevant point. From a normal, non-technical customer point of view, Apple made a badass product a few years back, and hence, they have never had to improve it much. Now, I get that. But this is what worries me. When I ask Apple users what they like about their Apple product, or potential Apple users, why would they buy an Apple product, the standard reply I always get from 9 out of 10 people is: “Coz, Its Apple!!”.

Very few Apple users¬†can tell me what is so unique about an iPhone. Almost every single WP7 user confidently mentions that they love the way they have personalized their phone to the way they want it. Also every WP7 user knows what Metro UI or Lives tiles are. But when it comes to Apple products, nobody really knows why they want it, other than the brand value that Apple has created for itself. So much that a friend of mine¬†once asked a cute girl why she wanted an Apple product, and she replied, “So that I can play Angry birds on it. *blushes*”. After hearing that, I guess¬†Obi-Wan’s scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (3rd Movie),¬†kept playing in¬†his head:

Jumping back to where LODMIU comes in. Any product, no matter how exciting, after a certain point, gets old, annoying, or boring. That is one of the main reasons why people switch to some other product which can give a better utility value.

Let me jump back to the pizza reference at the start of this post. Imagine a scenario where you are really hungry and haven’t had anything the whole day. You finally order a pizza. When you munch through the first slice, you don’t even bother savoring the taste. At that point, the utility of that pizza slice is relieving you of hunger. Now when you reach the 2nd or the 3rd slice, you start enjoying the way the cheese melts in your mouth. At this point, the utility is taste. Now, have you noticed how the speed at which you eat the last few slices is considerably lower than the first 2 slices? This is the concept of LODMIU. The same thing applies to all commodities. Have you observed how you eventually start losing interest in a game you were once completely addicted to? Even Apps. You get bored of them eventually.

Apple however seems to have found a way to brainwash people and break the Laws of LODMIU somehow. People who own Apple products, struggle using it (quite a few of them at least), and yet when Apple comes up with the next release, they stand in huge lines and pay A LOT of money for the product in that line. To be honest, if I had to look at the iPhone from what it is now and what it was a couple of years back, I really dont see too much of a change. Yes, functionality wise, a lot has changed, but how many non-technical people actually know this? AND HOW IS IT THAT THEY NEVER SEEM TO GET BORED OF IT???

Now looking at these phones, can anyone tell the difference between the iPhone 1st generation and the present iPhone 4s other than the icons looking slightly different?

Again, don’t get me wrong. I really respect Steve Jobs, and I think he was a brilliant innovator. But more than being an innovator,¬†I respect his¬†marketing skills, with the way he managed to sweep the minds of the people all over the globe. May his soul rest in peace.¬†I respect the iPod. I think it was a brilliant innovation. It was infact¬†what made Apple a¬†titan.¬†I may think that any model of the Windows Phone 7 is way better than the present iPhone 4S, but the iPhone is by itself a brilliant product.

The MacBook however, I don’t understand and personally, I find it irritating to use. And what‚Äôs even more irritating, is when I am woken up at 1 AM in the night, by a 4th year Computer Science student who just recently bought a MacBook, and asks me to help him change his IP address, because he can’t find it. At this point, I *facepalm*.

When I ask him, if he is finding it difficult to use the Mac, why he bought it, he replies, “I was finding it difficult to cope up with virus problems and more importantly, I wanted to be a part of the fad”. At this point, I go *facedesk with a cape*.

I guess my point is this. If you are going to pay an exorbitant amount for any product, at least learn how to use it. Learn its features. If you are going to buy an iPhone, consider other options too. See what a Windows Phone has to offer. See if you like it better. Don’t switch to another product simply because “it is so cool to have”. See if what you are going to buy can really help you or is suited to your needs. Its OK¬†to be buy something costly and sophisticated.¬†But if you do end up buying a product you dont understand, and find no real use for, but bought it just because you thought it would be “cool” , please, DO NOT WAKE ME UP AT 1 AM in the night!! ūüėõ

In other news, my research paper got published in the international journal Engineering Review. For those of you interested in Steganography and Encryption techniques, you can read the paper by clicking on this LINK.

Guess that’s it for now. Cya soon folks.

DISCLAIMER: The examples and incidences I use in the blog post are not targeted at any individual. I may have changed some details just to make sure that any person does not feel targeted. Do understand that this is to make a point based on certain observations and not to insult any user.


3 responses to “Apple > L.O.D.M.I.U ?

  1. You know what… you’re right.. Most apple users have an apple product cuz it’s apple!
    And, truly, I feel that Apple is the Mercedes Benz of Phones.. A Chevy Cruize or a Skoda Laura might be better than a Merc C Class… But, a Merc C class is a MERC C CLASS!!
    So, if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone!

  2. Hahahahahah….. Merc it seems … Hahahahhaah
    The article is biased but merc it seems kudos to the generation that thinks it’s smart because they can send an email and write a blog….

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